Japan Time, City list of Japan and Time Now

City Current Time Timezone Language
Fukuoka09:15JST Japanese
Hamamatsu09:15JST Japanese
Himeji09:15JST Japanese
Hiroshima09:15JST Japanese
Kagoshima09:15JST Japanese
Kawasaki09:15JST Japanese
Kitakyushu09:15JST Japanese
Kobe09:15JST Japanese
Kumamoto09:15JST Japanese
Kyoto09:15JST Japanese
Matsuyama09:15JST Japanese
Nagoya09:15JST Japanese
Niigata09:15JST Japanese
Osaka09:15JST Japanese
Sagamihara09:15JST Japanese
Sapporo09:15JST Japanese
Shizuoka09:15JST Japanese
Tokyo09:15JST Japanese
Utsunomiya09:15JST Japanese
Yokohama09:15JST Japanese